Red Zone  - Griffith University

This commission from Griffith University saw the development of three interactive experiences that utilised the Microsoft Kinect and TouchDesigner to create unique digital artworks. This project spanned two campuses, and required flexibility in the visual programming to accommodate the various display areas, that range from an extra wide projection screen (5760 x 1080), LCD screen arrays, and a walk-in dome environment.

RedZone Particle System.jpg

Red Particles

Red Particles functions as both a design-piece for the entrance of the building, and as an interactive experience. Viewers can take a hold of the particles and manipulate them as they please.

RedZone Interactive Portrait.jpg

Interactive portrait

This interactive portrait gives the viewer the ability to distort and alter their own point-cloud image. The custom-made controllers can be ‘grabbed’ by the viewer by closing their fist, resulting in a seamless interactive experience.

Redzone Body Navigation.jpg


By holding their arms out like wings, the viewer can literally fly around the landscape. Each token viewer collects allows them to fly faster, requiring ever more care in how they move their body.