Notch & TouchDesigner

  • Visuals for live performance
  • Interactive installation design and implementation
  • Notch integration with Black Trax
  • Notch Block design
  • UI design and implementation
  • Custom performance interfacing
  • VR and AR experiences

Interactive Media

  • Interactive installations / environments / artworks
  • Motion and gesture controlled media
  • User interfaces
  • AR and VR
  • Custom-made physical controllers
Glow Festival 2016 2.jpg


Custom video and projection mapping for events, festivals, stages, and performances to transform spaces into unforgettable spectacles.

  • Projection mapping & content creation
  • Interactive projection mapping
  • Custom mapping software
  • Photogrammetry for mapping

VJ / Event visuals

Performing as a VJ and audio-visual artist at some of Australia's most creatively diverse music and arts festivals.

  • Custom event visuals /content
  • Audio-visual performance
  • Stage and performance video production
  • VJ for events and festivals
Perlin Emanation.JPG

Digital Media

  • Digital video production
  • Graphic design for screen and print
  • Website design
  • 3D content for screen and print